After our 10th Anniversary edition last year at the Qbus we are now going back to our roots with a small acoustic version of the ipsYlon Festival: ipsYlite

ipsYlite will be held on Saturday January 20th at the Ontsporing Leiden.
Like all ipsYlon events you can participate in ipsYlite by joining the jam session, stepping up to the mic to recite a poem or perform some stand-up comedy, painting, drawing, dancing or partaking in a workshop.
Some arts supplies and musical instruments will be provided for your creative urges, but please bring your own and don’t forget to bring your friends!
ipsYlite is a free event, but we appreciate any and all donations, these will help us to put on another full scale ipsYlon later this year!

ps. Should you like to perform a short set at this ipsYlite edition rather than claim a spot at the open mic, please contact us through FB or email to, so we can schedule you in!

19:00-20:00 eetcafé
20:00-00:00 acoustic jam session / open mic + workshops
00:00-02:00 movie: Fillmore (1972, Richard T. Heffron) aka Last Days at the Fillmore – Music Documentary

**this timetable is subject to creative impulses and may vary accordingly**

for more info like our FB page